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Blair does an exceptional job explaining how electrolysis works to permanently remove hair.  She has a professional
but sensitive approach during treatments that puts my mind at ease.  I highly recommend Elemental Electrolysis for
permanent hair removal (I was wasting money on waxing for 15 years!).  She’s invested in great equipment that
ensures very comfortable treatments.  I continue to recommend Blair to family and friends.  –Alison, age 29, client
since 2008.


When I was first looking into hair removal, I was apprehensive of electrolysis from things I had heard about “back in
the day” ~ that treatments took forever, were expensive, and the process hurt.  So, I went the laser route ~ ~ the “in”
thing at the time… boy, I should have researched and educated myself on electrolysis more before I made that
decision.  I could have saved myself both time and money!

Laser is NOT a permanent hair removal solution.  I pretty much knew this, but thought I would be one of the lucky
ones in that it would reduce my hair growth significantly.  Well, initially, I did see some reduction in hair growth on
my neck, chin and face, but after my scheduled “6 sessions”, I still had to go in at weekly intervals for “touch-ups”.  
This got to be discouraging and costly, so I decided to let it go and see what happened.  Roughly two years later, in my
opinion, you could not even tell I had any laser treatments done!  I decided it was time to stop damaging my face
(again) by plucking and I started looking into electrolysis on the internet.    

I came across Elemental Electrolysis on the internet and emailed for a free consultation.  Blair was able to get me
scheduled to come in within the week and we started treatment right away.  She has flexible hours and her office is
very accessible to me and quite clean and cheery.  

I have been seeing Blair for close to a year now and I trust her completely with my hair removal.  She is very friendly
and I enjoy the chats we have while she is working on me! J . I am definitely pleased with the results!  Compared to
what I paid for LASER THAT DIDN’T WORK, I find her duration of treatment sessions and prices extremely
affordable for PERMANENT hair removal.   I kick myself when I think of the time and money I wasted on laser!

Right now, we are focusing on my cheeks, neck and chin, as these are the areas I am most vain about. J  I like the
results so much, I have other areas I am considering having done when we are finished with this round.  Also, I want to
mention that I do not have any discomfort during treatments, nor do I have any afterwards.  This was NOT the case
when I had laser done.

I am so happy that I got over my initial hesitation and looked into electrolysis.  If you want PERMANENT hair
removal, give Blair at Elemental Electrolysis a call. It will be worth your time.  

It is THE best thing I have done for myself!   Thanks Blair!

TMC ~ Cottage Grove , WI    Dec., 2010


Review from YELP.com

A great option for people looking for permanent hair removal...electrolysis does require time & money but all forms
of permanent hair removal/reduction do.  Blair offers electrolysis Tue-Sat at reasonable rates and also does body
waxing. Let me know if you plan to go here--I can refer you & answer q's about Blair's services, I've gone here for
about 2 years.    

-Ashley H., Madison, WI   11/16/2008
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